Bad Black Rescues Pretty Glo from Drug Addiction

Bad Black Rescues Pretty Glo from Drug Addiction
Bad Black and Prety Glo

City Socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has rescued faded diva Pretty Glo from drug addiction. A video made rounds on social media showing the singer being accused of stealing a phone at Ham Shopping complex. When asked why she was stealing, she replied saying that she had wanted to carter for her young child whom she recently delivered.

Prety Glo was taken into police custody but was rescued by another female musician, Sofie Gobia. It is not known how she landed into Bad Black's hands. 

Gloria Ingabire aka Prety Glo, who happens to be of Rwandan origin was once rumored to have gone back to Rwanda after she had failed to break through the Ugandan music scene. It is until when a video of her being accused of stealing, went viral on social media that she resurfaced.

Prety Glo After being nabbed

A few months ago, Qute Kaye who is also Prety Glo's boyfriend was also caught in the same act. Qute Kaye was caught stealing car lights. Ugandan music lovers are now wondering who of the two inspired the other to venture into stealing other  peoples property.

" I think she is the one who even taught innocent cute Kaye how to steal. Birds of the same feathers Satan is a woman", one fan wrote.

Bad Black who came to Glo's rescue first took her to shop for a few clothes before heading with her to the hospital for rehabilitation. Back black payed a deposit of 1 Million shillings to the hospital out of the required 8 Million.

In the video that Bad Black shared on social media, Prety Glo appeared to have lost a lot of weight than before.

Prety Glo before she had lost weight

Prety Glo once hit Ugandan airwaves with songs such as Nkwata Ko and Naragutanze which she features Fille who is also her best friend.

Below is the Video of Bad Black with Pretty Glo

In the video, Bad Black is seen taking selfies and photos of all kinds while posting them on social media.