Balaam: Museveni To Launch Full Album

Balaam: Museveni To Launch Full Album

Concert Promoter, Balaam, has disclosed that President Museveni will soon be launching a full music album. While appearing in one of the TV Stations, Balam assured Ugandans that him and the president are in the kitchen baking hits which they will soon launch at Kololo grounds.

"I did one song but people complained saying, will Museveni sing inky one song? So I changed I said Mzee you know what, we are going to change, we shall record songs, shoot videos then launch at Kololo", Said Balaam.

According to Balaam, some of the songs that will feature on the album include Tunyweze Ingule, Tukwagala Nyo, Bakalakate and Tweberemu which he says have already been copyrighted and no body should use the word Tweberemu anymore without their permision.

Balaam also responded to those who were mocking him on social media on why he outs on one TShirt whenever he appears iin the media.

"You come and start mocking me about my Tshirt. I put on one Tshirt to be able to buy food for those don't have it ", Balaam said.

Ugandans roasted Balaam on social media when photos of his court appearance on Chebet's case where posted that showed him wearing his trade mark orange polo Tshirt.