BREAKING: Gravity Omutujju Shot. Cheats Death. Admitted to Rubaga

BREAKING: Gravity Omutujju Shot. Cheats Death. Admitted to Rubaga
Gravity Omujju Shot at

Hip Hop Singer Gravity Omutujju in reportedly in coma after he was shot at by a security guard of a petrol station in Bukuya where he had gone to perform this night.

According to an eye witness, Gravity together with his manager were inside their car which had parked at the petrol station while they were waiting  for some one to join them. 

The petrol station's security guard did not welcome the idea since the car had parked for a very long time which made him suspected them(Gravity and Manager) to be thugs who were planning to rob the petrol station. 

Officers of the Bakuya Police Station wrote a medical examination request for the singer to get argent medical attention. Acriminal case against the security guard was opened at Bukuya police station with reference number SD.REF.19/20/02/2019, with cahrges of attempted murder.

A section of socai media bloggers including a few music artists have come out and rubbished the incident saying it was stage managed. Critics also claim that if Gravity was really shot on his stomach. why wasn't there any flooded blood any where either on his acr chair that he was seated on when the incident happened or on the ground at the scene of crime.

Gravity would later be agmitted to a city hospital and offered treatment. Many fans and musicians floked the hospital to to know how his condition was standing.

According to Gravity. the bullet did not enter his body but just scratched on his belly, He however said that it took him long to realise that he had been shot. He also trashed claims by some people who had said that the incident was music video shoot and not a real life incident adding that he is fine after all which is the most important thing for him at the moment.

Gravity speeking to the media at his hospital bed

According to Gravity, he says that he beleives the incident would have been worse if he had been accompanied by his boys. He specuates that one or more of his boys would have tried to confrony the security guard and they would possibly be shot at.

King Saha, one the artists who visited Gravity at Rubaga Hospital, said he wishes his friend a very quick recovery.

"We pray that the doctors do their job such that his condition can improve to enable him leave the hospital bed. I also know he still straumatised by the incident too", King Saha added.

King Saha at Rubaga Hospital