Goverment to Launch Free Music Studio for Artists

Goverment to Launch Free Music Studio for Artists

President Museveni will soon be officially launching a newly setup music studio that will have music artists record songs at a free cost.

The studio which has been named TSF or Tomorrow Stars Foundation, is set ot be launched on the 1st of April. The studio project is being cordinated by Ms. Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, the head of  administration in State House and she reports about the project's progress back to the president frequently.

According to the studio chairman, artists will be required to first be trained and tests taken on them while live stage before recording for them any song. We are yet to determine if this process will affect even already established artists.

The studio will record artists of all genres and already has big names in the Ugandan Music behind it as far as music production is concerned.

The project is part of the presidential initiative to promote the Ugandan music industry.

Artists will be required to come with 10,000 shilings for registration including one passport photograph or an identity card or a driving permit.

However, the studio chairman stated that they will first have to hear from the president during the launching, if artists should be allowed to record for free. He also said that the though it is a presidential initiative, the studio does not solely belong to the president but to the government.