Government bans Selling of alcohol in Sachets

Government bans Selling of alcohol in Sachets
Alcohol Sachets

The government has finally banned the sale of alcohol packed in sachets popularly known as  Totpaks. According to the Minister of Trade, Hon Amelia Kyambadde, alcohol manufactures are to start packaging and selling the same alcohol from plastic or glass bottles.  

The Minister of Trade therefore announced stated that her Minstry has issued a ban on the distribution of alcohol in sachets with effect from 31st March 2019.

"The sale of alcohol in sachets is banned with effect from 30th May 2019, No one is expected to sale alcohol in sachets after this date", Hon Amelia Kyambadde.

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde

The government had issued a directive in 2017 to officially ban the sale of alcohol in sachet where it had given alcohol manufacturers up to September 2017 to stop production of alcohol in sachets or face the consequences of the law. Alcohol producers at that time pleaded for more time until 2018 to allow them effectively prepare for the transition.

However, according to the minister, the transition process had taken two years and has attracted several investments for bottling equipement to enable transition.

Kyanbadde also warned that non compliance with the ban will result to the closure of business and factories.

She added that a comittee which comprises of different regulatory bodies such as NEMA,Uganda Police, UNBS, URA, among others,was set to monitor and implement the ban.