Is Diamond Platnumz New Girlfriend Tasha Donna Pregnant?

Is Diamond Platnumz New Girlfriend Tasha Donna Pregnant?
Tanasha Donna

The internet went awash went Diamond Platnumz's new girlfriend Tanasha Donna's belly appeared slightly enlarged. While dressed in a white and black blouse and skirt, Tasha's belly peaked through the tight outfit.

Diamond who has been shwowing Tasha around closed family members promising to marry her soon, already has kids with Ugandan Socialite and business woman, Zari Hassan and another Kid with other Tanzanian ladies including Hamisa Mobeto.

Recently Tanasha has met the singer's mother, sister, cousins and some of his closest friends.

It should be remembered that the lovebirds were set to tie the knot on Valentine's day but it was called off after nyazala aka tanasha mum said she wasn't going make it and wanted the wedding to last for 4 days.

Tanasha's parents have since warned Diamond Platinumz not to thing of fathering a child with their daughter before walking her the isle after they heard about the rumor that their daughter Tanasha was already pregnant. It beleived that Tanasha's parents reactions were due to Diamonds previous record with other ladies, where he is known to be "a hit-and- run fellow" and tus they are trying to save their daughter from beeing heart brokne after having sex marathons with her.

Diamond in his own words once said that he wanted to make Tanasha pregnant by mid 2019. However, we are yet to confirm if Tanasha is really pregnant as seen in the photo above.

In another related developement, Diamonds ex girlfreind and also mother of his Kid, Zari Hasan, seems not to be happy wiht the name that was given to the child she bore for Tanzanian bongo star. It is allegged that after Zari has changed the names of Diamonds daughter .  It is also alleged that she made the move to change their daughter's  name after  learning that her ex fiance and baby daddy Diamond Platnumz is going to be marrying a Kenyan radio presenter identified as Tanasha Donna.


Diamond's Ex: Zari Hassan

Diamonds daughter who goes by the names Tiffah Dangote has been given the new name, Tiffah Hassan by his mother, Zari saying she e doesn’s want her daughter to have the name of a man married to another woman.

Zari and Diamond had been in a relashionship and had been living as a couple for years before Zari called it quits through an Instagram post on last year's Vanlentines day.

Zari accused Diamond Platinums of infidelity and continiuosly making many Tanzanian ladies pregnant.

Zari with Diamond's Daughter