Pastor Yiga's vs Woman Kidnap case to Be Investigated By Police

Pastor Yiga's vs Woman Kidnap case to Be Investigated By Police
Pastor Yiga

A woman by the names of Ainembabazi recently came out and told the world how Revival Ministries' pastor kidnapped then sexually abused her. According to the woman, Yiga first used to send her endless messages telling her how he wants to meet her but the woman kept ignoring his messages. Below is the rest of the woman's statement that she narrated to the police;

"After not getting bothered by his messages, one evening as  I was coming from the market, a small white car suddenly appeared next to me and I stopped immediately. After I stopped, a man came out of the car and ordered me to enter their car. I asked him why he wanted me to enter the car. He then lifted his shirt to reveal to me a Pistol in his waist I entered the car together with the child. On entering the car, we found a girl and she looked like the one who works at Pastor Yiga's office. He then told me to go to my kids' school then record a video claiming that Pastor Ssenyonga is the one behind this. He also told me to record a video around the church I pray from and still claim that Pastor Ssenyonga was behind everything. I had a lot of pressure and fear and I had to just accept what they wanted me to do. And so I could go back home alive. He put me in a room where he welcomed me saying 'Angel you are welcome', I had not told him my names before, I don't know how he knew my names. He sake me to hug him which I did. He then told me to peck him on his cheek and then he positioned his lips to mine in the process of pecking him"

According to the statement above, we are yet to establish on what grounds did Yiga want to blackmail a fellow pastor as the woman claims.

Police are expecting the embattled pastor to come out and defend himself on the issue as they have already opened a case agaisnt him.

Last 2018, Pastor Yiga on a TV saying that Pastor Ssenyonga had allied with different people, most of them who pray from his (Ssenyonga's) church to tarnish his name.