South Sudan businessman and socialite jailed for fraud

South Sudan businessman and socialite jailed for fraud

A South Sudan businessman whom one time posted photographs of himself lying on the bed full of dollars, was today remanded to Luzira prison for obtaining money by false pretence.

A 30 year old Malong who is known for posting videos while swimming in money, once appeared on TV claiming that Jesus had given him the money but according to reports, between February 2017 and December 2018, Malong and two others, obtained $1.9 million from a South Arican businessman, Wegnew Desire, purporting that they were selling him 150kg of gold.

The Gold dealers involved Malongm Mike Okitalunyi Lota a broker from Congo but residing in Munyonyo and Gavana Thaddeus Zikusooka AKA James Byaruhanga, another businessman in Kajansi.

Mr Wegnew, stated that the trio apprroached him purporting to sell him gold at $23,000 per kilogramme.

“When I paid them money for the kilogramme, they told me that the shipment was not possible for small amounts. They asked me for more money such that they can ship five kilogrammes. I flew to Dubai but while there, they called me to Uganda and they told me to give them more money such that they could sell me 150kgs,” he said.

Wegnew stated that Malong posed himself as a license holder for gold trade while Lota posed as the seller.

In this Video Malong claimed it is Jesus who gave him the money